According to Kickstarter released stats, 40% of your backers come directly from Kickstarter. They are seriel backers who regulary visit Kickstarter and peruse through projects in there favorite categories. Now Keep in mind that each category has hundreds of projects and these serial backers are only going to look the first 20 or 30 projects. If you are in the middle of the pack, the seriel backers aren’t going to discover you.


How to get your Project in Top 20 slot in Main Category ? 


KickStarter Project Ranking Service

As a Kickstarter Tech Guru, I know the Inside out of Kickstarter!


When your project is listed on top of the popular category, more backers will see it and you will have a better chance meeting your funding goal !

I’m a campaign specialist. We’re a team of online marketers that have had a lot of success helping kickstarter campaigns like yours get the right kind of exposure they need. Would you be interested in getting some real exposure among people outside your our fan base and reaching the top page of Kickstarter ? We can Utilize our Proven Techniques and work with you in order to quickly boost your campaign’s  ”Kickstarter Factor” Score ( This is the algorithm that determines your campaign’s placement on Kickstarter pages)



You can get the most out of Kickstarter by boosting your page rank and chances of being featured on places like Kickstarter Newsletter and Social Media Outlets. This greatly increase your exposure among the 15 million unique monthly kickstarter visitors who actively search to support campaigns. I’m confident that this can get your campaign a lot of more contributions then it currently has. 


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As the ONE and Only Service on the internet, i help promote Kickstarter Campaign and Improve ranking to make it more visible and get more traffic and backers. I’ll provide you with the improved ranking result, you can see for yourself how your kickstarter project rank before and after our services.


How it works ? 


We use Secrete Techniques to boost your Kickstarter Project Page and get it into the top 20 under the Main Category. For Example if you have a project posted Under Film & Video > Drama Category, After Using our  Services, Your Project will be in top 20 Under the Main Film Category. That means you will attract high quality backers that brows kickstarter for projects of there interest.  

I will save you hundreds and thousand of ads money spent on social network sites, and help you jump start your campaign ! For your project overview, and analysis please send me your campaign URL in the Form Below!






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